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Roy Goodman

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Remember that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.

Roy Goodman

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Never live in the past but always learn from it.


It's a funny thing about life, if you refuse to accept anything but the best. You very often get it.

W. Somerset Maugham

Teaching is not a lost art, but the regard for it is a lost tradition.

Jacques Barzun

War grows out of the desire of the individual to gain advantage at the expense of his fellow men.

Napoleon Hill

Put your heart, mind, intellect, and soul even to your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.

Swami Sivananda

None of us will every accomplish anything excellent or commanding except when he listens to this whisper which is heard by him alone.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

We are limited but we can push back the borders of our limitations.

Stephen Covey

In order to accept change and the suffering it brings, we need to find meaning in it

Mary Norton Gordon

I love you. I've loved you since the first moment I saw you. I guess maybe Ive even loved you before I saw you.

George Eastman, A Place In The Sun (1951)

Adversity is wont to reveal genius, prosperity to hide it.


They call me Mister Tibbs !

Virgil Tibbs, In The Heat Of The Night (1967)

Love is a moment that lasts forever.

Julie Wittey

If you think you can, or you think you can't, you're probably right.

Henry Ford

My faith is in the younger generation, the modern generation, out of them will come my workers. They will work out the whole problem, like lions.

Swami Vivekananda

There is only one way... to get anybody to do anything. And that is by making the other person want to do it.

Dale Carnegie

To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.

Thomas Campbell

The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.

Albert Einstein

Who dares to teach must never cease to learn.

John Cotton Dana

Carpe diem.

Latin Proverb

Life can only be understood backwards , but it must be lived forwards.

Soren Kierkegaard

Be courageous ! Whatever setbacks America has encountered, it has always emerged as a stronger and more prosperous nation. Be brave as your fathers before you. Have faith and go forward !

Thomas Edison

The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.

Arthur C. Clarke

Tell everyone what you want to do and someone will want to help you do it.

W. Clement Stone

Be like a postage stamp. Stick to it until you get there.

Harvey Mackay

But were we burthen'd with like weight of pain, As much, or more, we should ourselves complain.

William Shakespeare

Never trouble another for what you can do for yourself.

Thomas Jefferson

Love, all alike, no season knows, nor clime, nor hours, days, months, which are the rags of time.

John Donne

I don't want to move to a city where the only cultural advantage is being able to make a right turn on a red light.

Alvy Singer, Annie Hall (1977)

Its so hard when contemplated in advance, and so easy when you do it.

Robert M. Pirsig

The "Inside-Out" approach to personal and self , even more fundamentally, to start with the most inside part of self - with your paradigms, your character, and your motives. The inside-out approach says that private victories precede public victories, that making and keeping promises to ourselves precedes making and keeping promises to others. It says it is futile to put personality ahead of character, to try to improve relationships with others before improving ourselves.

Stephen Covey

The shortest way to do many things is to do only one thing at a time.

Richard Cech

It is the surmounting of difficulties that make heroes.

Louis Kossuth

The eternal mystery of the world is its comprehensibility.

Albert Einstein

Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.

Samuel Johnson

Love conquers all.


This world will always continue to be a mixture of good and evil. Our duty is to sympathize with the weak and to love even the wrongdoer.

Swami Vivekananda

The gem can not be polished without friction, nor man be perfected without trials.

Danish Proverb

If you want to be creative in your company, your career, your life, all it takes is one easy stepthe extra one. When you encounter a familiar plan, you just ask one question '' What ELSE could we do ? ''

Dale Dauten

I am the inferior of any man whose rights I trample under foot. Men are not superior by reason of the accidents of race or color. They are superior who have the best heart the best brain.

Robert Ingersoll

Winning isn't everything , it's the only thing.

Vince Lombardi

Strength is life, weakness is death. Expansion is life, contraction is death. Love is life, hatred is death.

Swami Vivekananda

I want to be alone.

Grusinskaya, Grand Hotel (1932)

You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you do not try.

Beverly Sills

Defeat is not bitter unless you swallow it.

Joe Clark

I just love when people say I cant do something because all my life people said I wasn't going to make it.

Ted Turner

Hearts will never be practical until they are made unbreakable.

The Wizard of Oz

Whatever happens, take responsibility !

Anthony Robbins

The significance of a man is not in what he attains but in what he longs to attain.

Kahlil Gibran

Everything is okay in the end. If it's not okay, then it's not the end.


Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Veronica Quaife, The Fly (1986)

It's not what happens to you, it's what you do about it that makes the difference.

W. Mitchell

Sometimes you gotta create what you want to be a part of.

Geri Weitzman

It is astonishing how little one feels alone when one loves.

John Bulwer

It takes a whole village to raise a child.

African Proverb

Ineffective people live day after day with unused potential. They experience synergy only in small, peripheral ways in their lives. But creative experiences can be produced regularly, consistently, almost daily in people's lives. It requires enormous personal security and openness and a spirit of adventure.

Stephen Covey

I do not think much of a man who does not know more today than he did yesterday.

Abraham Lincoln

One of the greatest moments in anybody's developing experience is when he no longer tries to hide from himself but determines to get acquainted with himself as he really is.

Norman Vincent Peale

Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think.

Benjamin Disraeli

Love is, above all, the gift of oneself.

Jean Anouilh

Life is "trying things to see if they work"

Ray Bradbury

Do not let what you can not do interfere with what you can do.

John Wooden

As a principle-centered person you try to stand apart from the emotion of the situation and from other factors that would act on you, and evaluate the options. Looking at the balanced whole -- the work needs, the family needs, the other needs that may be involved, and the possible implications of the various alternatives -- you'll try to come up with the best solution taking all factors into consideration.

Stephen Covey

There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of life.

Federico Fellini

A small house will hold a hundred friends.

African Proverb

The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.

Mark Twain

We can let circumstances rule us, or we can take charge and rule our lives from within

Earl Nightingale

What is it you want, Mary ? What do you want ? You want the moon ? Just say the word, and I'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down.

George Bailey, It's Wonderful Life (1946)

Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.


Success often comes to those who dare to act. It seldom goes to the timid who are ever afraid of the consequences.

Jawaharlal Nehru

I love you, I am at rest with you, I have come home.

Dorothy L. Sayers

Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown.

Duffy, Chinatown (1974)

A ruler should be slow to punish and swift to reward.


What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.


The way for a young man to rise is to improve himself in every way he can, never suspecting that anybody wishes to hinder him.

Abraham Lincoln

All work is empty save when there is love.

Kahlil Gibran

Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, this time more wisely.


If this is a blessing, it is certainly very well disguised.

Winston Churchill

Obstacles are those frightful things you can see when you take your eyes off your goal.

Henry Ford

When you get right down to the root of the meaning of the word 'succeed', you find it simply means to follow through.

F.W. Nichol

Life is a do-it yourself project.

Dennis Waitley

Love is the flower you've got to let grow.

John Lennon

To infinity and beyond !

Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story (1995)

Only those who do nothing at all make no mistakes but that would be a mistake.


The ladder of success is never crowded at the top.

Napoleon Hill

My bounty is as boundless as the sea, My love as deep, the more I give to thee the more I have for both are infinite.


The art of love, is largely the art of persistence.

Albert Ellis

Most people have no idea of the giant capacity we can immediately command when we focus all of our resources on mastering a single area of our lives.

Anthony Robbins

Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply, to enjoy simply, to think freely, to risk life, to be needed.

Storm Jameson

The earth is enjoyed by heroes, this is the unfailing truth. Be a hero. Always say, I have no fear.

Swami Vivekananda

It is my principle that the will of the majority should always prevail.

Thomas Jefferson

In order to love simply, it is necessary to know how to show love.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out.

John Wooden

One should never forbid what one lacks the power to prevent.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Having all the money in the world isn't much good if you can hardly get out of bed in the morning to enjoy it


It is what you learn after you know it all that counts.

John Wooden

Without self-discipline, success is impossible, period.

Lou Holtz

What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail ?

Robert H. Schuller

The strength of the heart comes from the soundness of the faith.

Saudi Arabian Proverb

Are you fit company for the person you wish to become ?


To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.

Oscar Wilde