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Joe Paterno

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The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital.

Joe Paterno

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There's no abiding success without commitment.

Anthony Robbins

The book you don't read cant help.

Jim Rohn

Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance.


If you advance confidently in the direction of your dreams and endeavor to leave the life which you have imagined, you will you will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.

Henry David Thoreau

It is discouraging how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit.


Seek first to understand and then to be understood.

Steven Covey

The sweetest joy, the wildest woe is love.

Pearl Bailey

Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything.

Napoleon Hill

Ever has it been that love knows not it's own depth until the hour of separation.

Kahlil Gibran

Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.

Kahil Gibran

A chain is as strong as its weakest link.

Danish Proverb

Love is sweet, delicate, dreamy an eternity of gorgeous moments.

Sarah Cunningham

Everybody forgets the basic thing, people are not going to love you unless you love them.

Pat Carroll

Life is change ; growth is optional. Choose wisely.

Karen Kaiser Clark

The idea of working all your life, saving, and putting money into a retirement account is a very slow plan.

Robert T. Kiyosaki

One ought never to turn one's back on a threatened danger and try to run away from it. If you do that, you will double the danger. But if you meet it promptly and without flinching, you will reduce the danger by half. Never run away from anything. Never !

Winston Churchill

Believe it is possible to solve your problem. Tremendous things happen to the believer. So believe the answer will come. It will.

Norman Vincent Peale

When you wholeheartedly adopt a 'with all your heart' attitude and go all out with the positive principle, you can do incredible things.

Norman Vincent Peale

Predetermine the objectives you want to accomplish. Think big, act big and set out to accomplish big results.

Mark Victor Hansen

Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

Abraham Lincoln

Where there is no vision, the people perish.

Proverbs 29:18

No wire hangers, ever !

Joan Crawford, Mommie Dearest (1981)

If this is a blessing, it is certainly very well disguised.

Winston Churchill

I'm Multi-Dimensional !


This is the true joy the being used for a purpose recognized as a might one.

George Bernard Shaw

If they move, kill ' em.

Pike Bishop, The Wild Bunch (1969)

Success isn't magic or hocus-pocus, it's simply learning to focus.


How far you go in life depends on you being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and the strong. Because someday in life you will have been all of these.

George Washington Carver

In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.

Abraham Lincoln

Flops are a part of life's menu and I've never been a girl to miss out on any of the courses.

Rosalind Russell

To reach a port we must sail, sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it. But we must not drift or lie at anchor.

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict.

William Ellery Channing

In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.

Anthony Robbins

True success is overcoming the fear of being unsuccessful.

Paul Sweeney

The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others.

Mahatma Gandhi

If there is no struggle, there is no progress.

Frederick Douglass

Would you be shocked if I put on something more comfortable ?

Helen, Hell's Angels (1930)

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one. -

Elbert Hubbard

Look at that ! Look how she moves. That's just like Jell-O on springs. She must have some sort of built-in motor. I tell you, it's a whole different sex !

Jerry, Some Like It Hot (1959)

Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope.

Princess Leia, Star Wars (1977)

God is present in every jiva, there is no other god besides that. Who serves jiva serves god indeed.

Swami Vivekananda

I have a head for business and a bod for sin.

Tess McGill, Working Girl (1988)

He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Obstacles don't have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.

Michael Jordan

Fortune favors the brave.

Publius Terence

Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.

Winston Churchill

Every person who wins in any undertaking must be willing to cut all sources of retreat. Only by doing so can one be sure of maintaining that state of mind known as a burning desire to win -- essential to success.

Napoleon Hill

Common looking people are the best in the world : that is the reason the Lord makes so many of them.

Abraham Lincoln

Please-baby-please-baby-please-baby-baby - baby. Please !

Mars Blackmon, She's Gotta Have It (1986)

Happiness is not a station you arrive at, but a manner of traveling.

Margaret B. Runbeck

I see dead people.

Cole Sear, The Sixth Sense (1999)

What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness ?

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook.

William James

It's hard to believe that you haven't had sex for two hundred years.

Luna Schlosser, Miles Monroe (1973)

Only by contending with challenges that seem to be beyond your strength to handle at the moment you can grow more surely toward the stars.

Brian Tracy

Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us.

Earl Nightingale

Nothing is more honorable than enlightenment, nothing is more beautiful than virtue.


Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going!

Jim Ryun

People who look down on other people don't end up being looked up to.

Robert Half

Who dares to teach must never cease to learn.

John Cotton Dana

Do not wait for leaders, do it alone, person to person.

Mother Teresa

Roll with the punches.


I consider my ability to arouse enthusiasm among my people the greatest asset I possess, and the way to develop the best in a person is by appreciation and encouragement. I believe in giving people incentive to work. So I am anxious to praise but loath to find fault. I am hearty in my approbation and lavish in my praise.

Charles M. Schwab

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.


How can you tell the difference between a run-over snake and a run-over lawyer? There are skid marks in front of the snake.


It is not what we take up, but what we give up, that makes us rich.

Henry Ward Beecher

It's not what you are that holds you back, it's what you think you are not.

Dennis Waitley

This is the beginning of a new day.


Come live in my heart and pay no rent.

Samuel Lover

Who's on first.

Dexter, The Naughty Nineties (1945)

Come to the edge. We can't. We're afraid. We can't. We will fall ! Come to the edge. And they came. And he pushed them. And they flew.

Guillaume Apollinaire

Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own mind.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Everything is created twice -- first mentally, then physically.

Greg Anderson

One can be a soldier without dying, and a lover without sighing.

Edwin Arnold

Tell me and I forget , show me and I remember , involve me and I understand.


The best way to escape from a problem is to solve it.


I do not know how to kiss, or I would kiss you. Where do the noses go ?

Maria, For Whom The Bell Tolls (1943)

Love is always open arms. If you close your arms about love you will find that you are left holding only yourself.

Leo Buscaglia

Love cures people, both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it.

Karl A. Menninger

Courage is a moral quality , it is not a chance gift of nature like an aptitude for games. It is a cold choice between two alternatives, the fixed resolve not to quit , an act of renunciation which must be made not once but many times by the power of the will. Courage is will power.

Lord Moran

To be a great leader and so always master of the situation, one must of necessity have been a great thinker in action. An eagle was never yet hatched from a goose's egg.

James Thomas

I believe that the science of chemistry alone almost proves the existence of an intelligent creator.

Thomas Edison

I know it was you, Fredo. You broke my heart. You broke my heart.

Michael Corleone, The Godfather (1974)

I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

Albert Einstein

The path to success is to take massive, determined action.

Anthony Robbins

Adventure is worthwhile.

Amelia Earhart

The only difference between a rut and a grave is their dimensions.


A person starts to live when he can live outside himself.

Albert Einstein

Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes but don't quit.

Conrad Hilton

Don't let life discourage you , everyone who got where he is had to begin where he was.

Richard L. Evans

The bonds of matrimony are like any other bonds, they mature slowly.

Peter De Vries

Except and expect positive things and that is what you will receive.

Lori Hard

Whatever is at the center of our life will be the source of our security, guidance, wisdom, and power.

Stephen Covey

Love is the true means by which the world is enjoyed. Our love to others, and others love to us.

Thomas Trahern

Change your thoughts and you change your world.

Norman Vincent Peale

Problems are only opportunities in work clothes.

Henry J. Kaiser

We can let circumstances rule us, or we can take charge and rule our lives from within

Earl Nightingale

Thou art to me a delicious torment.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

If we open a quarrel between the past and the present, we shall find we have lost the future.

Winston Churchill

It's good to be the king !

Louis XVI, History Of The World (1981)