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Harry Milner

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All progress occurs because people dare to be different

Harry Milner

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Most ball games are lost, not won.

Casey Stengel

No alibi will save you from accepting the responsibility.

Napoleon Hill

Learning karate requires self-control and discipline Let a joy keep you. Reach out your hands and take it when it runs by.

Carl Sandburg

Because ideas have to be original only with regard to their adaptation to the problem at hand, I am always extremely interested in how others have used used them.

Thomas Edison

The most elusive and desired quality of leadership is vision. Vision is the perfume of the mind.

Harriet Rubin

You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Men stumble over the truth from time to time but most pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened.

Winston Churchill

Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better.

Jim Rohn

He who is afraid of asking is ashamed of learning.


Don't hide your light under a bushel.


Example sheds a genial ray which men are apt to borrow, so first improve yourself today, and then your friends tomorrow.


The whole universe is only the self with variations, one tune made bearable by variations. Sometimes there are discords, but they only make the subsequent harmony more perfect. In this hell of a world one can bring a little joy and peace even for a day into the heart of a single person, that much alone is true, this I have learnt after suffering all my life, all else is mere moonshine.

Swami Vivekananda

Experience taught me a few things. One is to listen to your gut, no matter how good something sounds on paper. The second is that you're generally better off sticking with what you know. And the third is that sometimes your best investments are the ones you don't make.

P. T. Barnum

Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside of them was superior to circumstance.

Bruce Barton

Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight ?

The Joker, Batman (1989)

No matter where you go, there you are.

Steven Wright

It is better to bind your children to you by a feeling of respect and by gentleness, than by fear.

Publius Terence

If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.

Benjamin Franklin

We didn't need dialogue. We had faces.

Norma Desmond, Sunset Blvd (1950)

This world will always continue to be a mixture of good and evil. Our duty is to sympathize with the weak and to love even the wrongdoer.

Swami Vivekananda

We can only learn to love by loving.

Iris Murdoch

We are continually faced by great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insolvuble problems.

Lee Iacocca

Learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow.

Maya Angelou

I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to my fellow-creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.

William Penn

May the Force be with you.

Han Solo, Star Wars (1977)

What we see depends mainly on what we look for.

John Lubbock

The most precious possession that ever comes to a man in this world is a woman's heart.

Josiah G. Holland

Success is never wondering what if.

Karrie Huffman

Never talk defeat. Use words like hope, belief, faith, victory.

Norman Vincent Peale

Great thoughts speak only to the thoughtful mind, but great actions speak to all mankind.

Emily P. Bissell

Follow your instincts. That's where true wisdom manifests itself.

Oprah Winfrey

Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.

Chinese Proverb

If you would create something, you must be something.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

You know, maybe I was wrong and luck is like love. You have to go all the way to find it.

Jeff Bailey, Out Of The Past (1947)

Love is what is left in a relationship after all the selfishness is taken out.

Nick Richardson

I love you, I am at rest with you, I have come home.

Dorothy L. Sayers

Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit.

Conrad Hilton

No legacy is so rich as honesty.

William Shakespeare

Acknowledge that you failed, draw your lessons from it, and use it to your advantage to make sure it never happens again.

Michael Johnson

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.


Love works in miracles every day, such as weakening the strong, and stretching the weak , making fools of the wise, and wise men of fools , favoring the passions, destroying reason, and in a word, turning everything topsy-turvy.

Marguerite De Valois

Children are all foreigners.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Just because you make a mistake doesnt mean you are a mistake.

Georgette Mosbacher

A child becomes an adult when he realizes that he has a right not only to be right but also to be wrong.

Thomas Szasz

Immaturity can last a lifetime.

Robert Half

Never say anything about yourself you do not want to come true.

Brian Tracy

Pay the farmer or pay the hospital.

Birke Baehr

One sure-fire way to stay creative force yourself to learn something new.

Harvey Mackay

Hard work pays off.


I do not resent criticism, even when, for the sake of emphasis, it parts for the time with reality.

Winston Churchill

You become what you think about.

Earl Nightingale

The dove is my emblem... . I want to save and advance human life, not destroy it... . I am proud of the fact that I never invented weapons to kill.

Thomas Edison

Ask nothing, want nothing in return. Give what you have to give, it will come back to you, but do not think of that now.

Swami Vivekananda

God doesn't make junk.


Wisdom is knowledge, rightly applied.


Non !

Marcel Marceau, Silent Movie (1976)

What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Standing in the middle of the road is very dangerous, you get knocked down by the traffic from both sides.

Margaret Thatcher

Love, by its very nature, is unworldly, and it is for this reason rather than its rarity that it is not only apolitical but anti-political, perhaps the most powerful of all anti-political human forces.

Hannah Arendy

Growth and change are never easy... If it were easy, you would have done it long ago.

Lawrence LeShan

Funny like I'm a clown ? I amuse you ?

Tommy De Vito, Goodfellas (1990)

There are two things to aim at in life, first, to get what you want, and after that to to enjoy it.

Logan Pearsall Smith

Desire can be eradicated from the roots by firmly imbibing the four attributes of : Jnan, Atmanishtha, Vairagya, and the full fledged devotion to god. Faith is in the younger generation, the modern generation, out of them will come my workers.

Swami Vivekananda

The art of living lies less in eliminating our troubles than in growing with them.

Bernard M. Baruch

It means a great deal to those who are oppressed to know that they are not alone. And never let anyone tell you that what you are doing is insignificant. Bishop

Desmond Tutu

Do first things first, and second things not at all.

Peter F. Drucker

Can you dig it ?

Youngblood Priest, Superfly (1972)

The only genuine love worthy of a name is unconditional.

John Powell

A bold onset is half the battle.

Giuseppe Garibaldi

You have to think anyway, so why not think big ?

P. T. Barnum

But there's nothing half so sweet in life, as love's young dream.

Thomas Moore

Vision doesn't usually come as a lightening bolt. Rather it comes as a slow crystallization of life challenges that we one day recognize as a beautiful diamond with great value to ourselves and others.

Michael Norwood

if you can't lift the corners, let the middle sag.


Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.


If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.

Derek Bok

Someday, man will harness the rise and fall of the tides, imprison the power of the sun, and release atomic power.

Thomas Edison

Don't sweat the small stuff.

Richard Carlson

Experience is a wonderful thing. It enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again.


In absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily acts of trivia.


True love begins when nothing is looked for in return.

Antoine De Saint-Exupery

Love is the history of a woman's life, it is an episode in man's.

Germaine De Stael

This is the best kind of voyeurism, hearing joy from your neighbors.

Chuck Sigars

You're gonna have to learn your cliches. You're gonna have to study them, you're gonna have to learn them, you're gonna have to know them. They're your friends. Write this down: "We gotta play 'em one day at a time."

Crash Davis

People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.

Abraham Lincoln

It is best to love wisely, no doubt, but to love foolishly is better than not to be able to love at all.

William Makepeace Thackeray

Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.

William Butler Yeats

In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities.

Janos Arany

Warriors, come out to play !

Luther, The Warriors (1979)

Without self-discipline, success is impossible, period.

Lou Holtz

Kindness is a language which the dumb can speak, the deaf can understand.

C.N. Bovee

Tell 'em to go out there with all they got and win just one for the Gipper.

Knute Rockne, Knute Rockne All American (1940)

The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it open.

Arnold Glasgow

When you become detached mentally from yourself and concentrate on helping other people with their difficulties, you will be able to cope with your own more effectively. Somehow, the act of self-giving is a personal power-releasing factor.

Norman Vincent Peale

Minds are like parachutes, they function only when open.


As different streams having different sources all mingle their waters in the sea, so different tendencies, various though they appear, crooked or straight, all lead to god.

Swami Vivekananda

I see dead people.

Cole Sear, The Sixth Sense (1999)

No pessimist ever discovered the secrets of the stars, or sailed to an unchartered land, or opened a new heaven to the human spirit.

Helen Keller

Ineffective people live day after day with unused potential. They experience synergy only in small, peripheral ways in their lives. But creative experiences can be produced regularly, consistently, almost daily in people's lives. It requires enormous personal security and openness and a spirit of adventure.

Stephen Covey

You don't use a hammer to tighten a screw.

Susan Podziba

Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.

Robert H. Schuller