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Edgar Allan Poe

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Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.

Edgar Allan Poe

We loved with a love that was more than love.

Edgar Allan Poe

Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.

Edgar Allan Poe

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It is a good thing for an uneducated man to read books of quotations.

Winston Churchill

God is merciful to those whom he sees struggling heart and soul for realization. But remain idle, without any struggle, and you will see that his grace will never come.

Swami Vivekananda

I believe that every human mind feels pleasure in doing good to another.

Thomas Jefferson

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Buddhist Proverb

This kind of certainty comes but just once in a lifetime.

Robert Kincaid

Leadership is much more an art, a belief, a condition of the heart, than a set of things to do. The visible signs of artful leadership are expressed, ultimately, in its practice.

Max DePree

Love is letting go of fear.

Gerald Jampolsky

They are able because they think they are able.


I keep my ideals, because in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.

Anne Frank

He who speaks the loudest is the least heard.

Robert Half

Listen with regard when others talk. Give your time and energy to others, let others have their own way, do things for reasons other than furthering your own needs.

Larry Scherwitz

To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.


The glow of inspiration warms us, it is a holy rapture.


Believe in yourself.


Success based on anything but internal fulfillment is bound to be empty. - Dr

Martha Friedman

Reason and judgment are the qualities of a leader.


Genius is one per cent inspiration and ninety-nine per cent perspiration. Accordingly, a 'genius' is often merely a talented person who has done all of his or her homework.

Thomas Edison

I couldn't wait for success, so I went ahead without it.

Jonathan Winters

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

William Edward Hickson

Eddie, you're a born loser.

Bert Gordon, The Hustler (1961)

You can't build a reputation on what you're going to do.

Henry Ford

As knowledge increases, wonder deepens.

Charles Morgan

If you ever feel like having a child, go to a restaurant and sit next to one.

Steve Martin

Happiness is a state of activity.


When you face your fear, most of the time you will discover that it was not really such a big threat after all. We all need some form of deeply rooted, powerful motivation - it empowers us to overcome obstacles so we can live our dreams.

Les Brown

Happiness does not depend on outward things, but on the way we see them.

Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy

That's what I love about these high school girls, man. I keep getting older, they stay the same age.

David Wooderson, Dazed And Confused (1993)

I saw and loved.

Edward Gibbon

Standing in the middle of the road is very dangerous, you get knocked down by the traffic from both sides.

Margaret Thatcher

Thou art to me a delicious torment.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

What the heart has once owned and had, it shall never lose.

Henry Ward Beecher

That which is false troubles the heart, but truth brings joyous tranquility.


What is tolerance ? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error , let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly - that is the first law of nature.


Success is counted sweetest by those who ne'er succeed.

Emily Dickinson

There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.

George Sands

The mind has exactly the same power as the hands, not merely to grasp the world, but to change it

Colin Wilson

When god closes a door, he opens a window.


If you want to feel rich, just count all of the things you have that money can't buy.


If you can't sleep, then get up and do something instead of lying there and worrying. It's the worry that gets you, not the loss of sleep.

Dale Carnegie

One of the greatest moments in anybody's developing experience is when he no longer tries to hide from himself but determines to get acquainted with himself as he really is.

Norman Vincent Peale

You see, wire telegraph is a kind of a very, very long cat. You pull his tail in New York and his head is meowing in Los Angeles. Do you understand this ? And radio operates exactly the same way : you send signals here, they receive them there. The only difference is that there is no cat.

Albert Einstein

Our life is what it is as a result of how we think.

George DeVack

Where is there dignity unless there is honesty ?


Don't water your weeds.

Harvey Mackay

You're lit from within, Tracy. You've got fires banked down in you, hearth-fires and holocausts.

Mike Connor, The Philadelphia Story (1940)

Open your ears before you open your mouth, it may surprise your eyes !

Earl Nightingale

Seize the day.


Religion is being and becoming. Religion is the manifestation of the divinity already in man.

Swami Vivekananda

Love like you've never been hurt, dance like no one is watching, live as though heaven is on earth.

Satchel Paige

Success is the child of audacity.

Benjamin Disraeli

Optimists are right. So are pessimists. It's up to you to choose which you will be.

Harvey Mackay

If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten.

Anthony Robbins

Never live in the past but always learn from it.


When one is in love, one always begins by deceiving one's self, and one always ends by deceiving others. That is what the world calls a romance.

Oscar Wilde

The unexamined life is not worth living.


Fantasy love is much better than reality love. Never doing it is very exciting. The most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet.

Andy Warhol

Go as far as you can see and when you get there, you will always be able to see farther.

Zig Ziglar

We didn't land on plymouth rock. Plymouth rock landed on us !

Malcolm X, Malcolm X (1992)

You can't express every feeling that you have every moment that you have them.

When Harry Met Sally

Luck happens when opportunity encounters the prepared mind.

Dennis Waitley

Service is the rent we pay for being. It is the very purpose of life, and not something you do in your spare time

Marion Wright Edelman

The one thing that separates winners from losers is, winners take action!

Anthony Robbins

You are what you are and you are where you are because of what has gone into your mind. You change what you are and you change where you are by changing what goes into your mind.

Zig Ziglar

You have within you right now, everything you need to deal with whatever the world can throw at you.

Brian Tracy

Everyone admits that love is wonderful and necessary, yet no one agrees on just what it is.

Diane Ackerman

This world will always continue to be a mixture of good and evil. Our duty is to sympathize with the weak and to love even the wrongdoer.

Swami Vivekananda

For myself, I am an optimist -- it does not seem to be much use being anything else.

Winston Churchill

The book you don't read cant help.

Jim Rohn

Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in kansas anymore.

Dorothy Gale, The Wizard Of Oz (1939)

If we are to have real peace, we must begin with the children.

Mahatma Gandhi

Romance has been elegantly defined as the offspring of fiction and love.

Benjamin Disraeli

Let us never be betrayed into saying we have finished our education because that would mean we had stopped growing.

Julia H. Gulliver

Oh, yeah, woody ! I've known that guy my whole life: Two days.

Forky, Toy Story 4 (2019)

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.

Ambrose Redmoon

He who has never learned to obey can not be a good commander.


Without music, life would be a mistake.

Fredrich Nietzsche

You control your future, your destiny. What you think about comes about. By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands -- your own.

Mark Victor Hansen

Sanctuary !

Quasimodo, The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (1939)

It is always wise to look ahead, but difficult to look farther than you can see.

Winston Churchill

Magic Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all ?

Queen, Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs (1937)

From now on you will never be alone, even when we are separated, and even when death itself parts us, I shall remain with you.

Ladislaus Boros

There is nothing as remarkable as learning how to think better.


You might well remember that nothing can bring you success but yourself.

Napoleon Hill

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

Never fear the want of business. A man who qualifies himself well for his calling, never fails of employment.

Thomas Jefferson

A life lived in fear is a life half lived.


Don't quit.


It is always your next move.

Napoleon Hill

The best and most beautiful things in this world can not be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.

Helen Keller

Obstacles are those frightful things you can see when you take your eyes off your goal.

Henry Ford

Do not wait for ideal circumstances, nor for the best opportunities, they will never come.

Janet Erskine Stuart

Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict.

William Ellery Channing

Remove failure as an option.

Joan Lunden

If you believe in what you are doing, then let nothing hold you up in your work. Much of the best work of the world has been done against seeming impossibilities. The thing is to get the work done.

Dale Carnegie

Watch your thoughts, they become words. Watch your words, they become actions. Watch your actions, they become habits. Watch your habits, they become character.Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.

Frank Outlaw

Adversity is sometimes hard upon a man , but for one man who can stand prosperity, there are a hundred that will stand adversity.

Thomas Carlyle

Love is the whole and more than all.

E.E. Cummings

Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind.

Albert Einstein

I love you, not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

For things to change you've got to change. Otherwise, nothing much will change

Jim Rohn